Saturday, April 30, 2011

Kitesurfers in Colombia Get Massive Air

*** Local Cartagena kitesurfer getting massive air during a storm that brought winds and massive waves (mar de leva effect)***

Colombia has a grand variety of magical spots to go kiteboarding.
From thousands of miles on the Caribbean, the opportunities for a kite adventure are unlimited. In the Caribbean, the whole Colombian coastline can be kitesurfed….in other words from Capurgana, to Isla Fuerte, to Barranquilla, to Cartagena, to Playa Blanca, to Islas del Rosario, to Riohacha, to Cabo de la Vela to Punta Gallinas.

The best time to go for most of the Caribbean coast is from November to April when the Caribbean trade winds are in effect.

However, Cabo de la Vela and Punta Gallinas in the Guajira desert (northern peninsula of Colombia) are a different story.

The whole Guajira Peninsula is a kitesurfing paradise getting year-round winds, due to the thermal effect caused by the desert climate.

During the winter months some good waves will also form as storms in the Caribbean push waves towards the Colombian coastline.

If you are in the city of Cali (the largest city in the Pacific region) make a trip to Lake Calima, which gets world class winds year around.

For further information about kitesurfing in Colombia, contact the guys at ColombiaKite, who can help you organize transportation, lodging, food, kitesurf rentals & lessons, and even professional photography and video.

Here is video produced by ColombiaKite of their yearly competition in Lago Calima and Cabo de la Vela.

Here are some amazing photos of local Cartagena kitesurfers during a Caribbean storm that brought winds and massive waves.