Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Five Surfing Trips Across Colombia with Daniel Olmos and Cerveza Corona: Tayrona, Ladrilleros, Providencia, Cabo de la Vela & Nuqui

Cerveza Corona Colombia sponsored an impressive surfari to several locations / waves in Colombia following Barranquilla surfer Daniel Olmos.

Although they could have timed the trips better to coincide with swell forecasts (especially to Providencia Island, which mostly gets pumping surf in the northern hemisphere winter months), nevertheless, the very well produced 5 chapters embedded below show the beauty and diversity of Colombia.

Chapter 1 - Tayrona Park (Caribbean coast near Santa Marta)


Chapter 2 - Ladrilleros (near Buenaventura on the Pacific Coast of Colombia)

Chapter 3 - Providencia Island (Caribbean coast near San Andres Island, closer to Nicaragua)

Chapter 4 - Cabo de la Vela (northeast tip of Colombia)


Chapter 5 - Nuqui, Cabo Corrientes - Pico de Loro wave, as well as El Valle


Surfing with Whales on the Pacific Coast of Colombia - Nuqui Cabo Corrientes Chocó

Aventure Colombia travel agency just posted this drone video filmed on October 2, 2015 showing the surfing at the Pico de Loro wave near Nuqui, Colombia.

The beautiful whales that visit the Colombian Pacific coast seasonally, as well as the local surfers from the Club de Surf del Choco, make a cameo.

There is a very good shot of the Pico de Loro rock outcrops from the south side, as pictured below, which usually have only been pictured from the north side where the wave breaks.


Surf Trip Isla Fuerte, Colombia

Isla Fuerte is a small island located in the Cordoba department on the Caribbean coast of Colombia.
It is located about 11km from land, and is part of the chain of islands comprised of Islas del Rosario and the archipelagos of San Bernardo and Tortuguilla.
The fastest way to the island is to drive or fly to Monteria, and from there to the port of Paso Nuevo where one can take a boat ride (approximately 30 minutes) to the island.
The island is perfectly positioned to receive NW swell.
The best wave on the island, and arguably the best on the Caribbean coast of Colombia is the aptly named ColPipe.

Back in 2009, the wave was not surfed much or at least it had not been documented, but now view this video produced by ZOME films of a recent surf trip in 2015 to Isla Fuerte, with Barranquilla body boarders Stephen Meyer, Ruben Villegas and surfer Roberto Marulanda.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Volcom Skateboarding Team in Medellin, Colombia

Here is video of the Volcom team skateboarding in Medellin, Colombia, featuring David Gonzalez (Colombia's best skateboarder), Luan Oliveira and Colin Provost.

Watch them ripping up Parque de las Luces, as well as other spots around Medellin:

Friday, June 5, 2015

Windsurfing Cabo de La Vela, Colombia with Jordan EMA-OTU

French windsurfer Jordan EMA-OTU visited windsurfing freestyle paradise Cabo de la Vela, Colombia and shared the following video of his trip.  He lodged and windsurfed out of  the KiteAddict location.

Jordan lives in Toulouse where he windsurfs most of the time in the area around Leucate together with Nicolas Akgazciyan.

Jordan who is originally from French Guiana, learned to windsurf in Martinique.

Jordan, thanks for visiting and enjoying the Colombian winds:

Tripping in Colombia from Jordan EMA-OTU on Vimeo.

36 hours in Medellin

The New York Times spent 36 hours in Medellin and produced the following video highlighting some of the art, food, and party scene the city has to offer:

Also check out NYT's 36 hours in Bogota and 36 hours in Cartagena:

Mokka Gumma Windsurfing Wave Expression Session 2015 in Puerto Velero, Colombia

In March 2015, Cartagena based Mokana Club held the second annual windsurfing wave-sailing expression session (aptly titled MOKKA GUMMA) in Puerto Velero, Colombia.


Windsurfing Wavesailing in Puerto Velero, Colombia

                               Julian Suarez throwing a forward loop above and a push-loop below

In March 2014, Cartagena based Mokana Club held the following windsurfing wave-sailing expression session (aptly titled MOKKA GUMMA) in Puerto Velero, Colombia.

Moka-Gumma Wave Expression Session 29-03-2014 from Mokana Club on Vimeo.

Windsurfing: Massive one-handed back-loop in Cartagena, Colombia

Here is a massive one-handed backloop during the Mokana Club, wave expression session in Cartagena, Colombia:

Also found at the 1:53 mark of this video:

36 hours in Cartagena, Colombia

The New York Times spent 36 hours in Cartagena and produced the following video highlighting some of the food, kitesurfing, shopping, art and party scene the city has to offer:

In terms of the kitesurfing, they interviewed Swiss expat, Christina Varveris, who along with her Colombian partner Alex Bustamante, run the EnColombiaKitesurf school in La Boquilla.


Push-Loop Fails in Puerto Velero, Colombia

For fun, here are a few push-loop attempts / fails in Puerto Velero, Colombia by Javier Lazaro.