Saturday, September 11, 2010

COLOMBIA - Windsurfing into the Unknown Film

I’m really happy to publish this post about the new film Windsurfing into the Unknown.
This is a film, about the journey of Colombian windsurfer Camilo Galeano together with professional windsurfers Michi Rossmeier (Austria) and Phil Soltysiak (Canada) to discover windsurfing spots and new places in Colombia.
They windsurfed in Puerto Velero near Barranquilla, Cabo de la Vela in the Guajira desert, some wavesailing in Cartagena, and the Rosario Islands.
Thank you Camilo, Michi and Phil for showing the great windsurfing in Colombia!!!

Check out the video below and at the official website:

Windsurfing into the Unknown from camilo galeano on Vimeo.

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