Friday, June 5, 2015

Windsurfing Cabo de La Vela, Colombia with Jordan EMA-OTU

French windsurfer Jordan EMA-OTU visited windsurfing freestyle paradise Cabo de la Vela, Colombia and shared the following video of his trip.  He lodged and windsurfed out of  the KiteAddict location.

Jordan lives in Toulouse where he windsurfs most of the time in the area around Leucate together with Nicolas Akgazciyan.

Jordan who is originally from French Guiana, learned to windsurf in Martinique.

Jordan, thanks for visiting and enjoying the Colombian winds:

Tripping in Colombia from Jordan EMA-OTU on Vimeo.


  1. Thanks to you for sharing this video!
    Actually I am back in colombia since December and enjoying once more this amazing windsurfing country!!

  2. In Colombia, great weather, while Taiwan is approaching supertyphoon. The authorities have announced the mobilization of the military to help emergency service. It is the strongest typhoon in 50 years, who came to the province. Its speed reaches 280 kilometers per hour. Read more here