Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Five Surfing Trips Across Colombia with Daniel Olmos and Cerveza Corona: Tayrona, Ladrilleros, Providencia, Cabo de la Vela & Nuqui

Cerveza Corona Colombia sponsored an impressive surfari to several locations / waves in Colombia following Barranquilla surfer Daniel Olmos.

Although they could have timed the trips better to coincide with swell forecasts (especially to Providencia Island, which mostly gets pumping surf in the northern hemisphere winter months), nevertheless, the very well produced 5 chapters embedded below show the beauty and diversity of Colombia.

Chapter 1 - Tayrona Park (Caribbean coast near Santa Marta)


Chapter 2 - Ladrilleros (near Buenaventura on the Pacific Coast of Colombia)

Chapter 3 - Providencia Island (Caribbean coast near San Andres Island, closer to Nicaragua)

Chapter 4 - Cabo de la Vela (northeast tip of Colombia)


Chapter 5 - Nuqui, Cabo Corrientes - Pico de Loro wave, as well as El Valle



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