Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tayrona Surfing Championship, Santa Marta Colombia

In the beautiful Tayrona National Park near Santa Marta, Colombia, on July 20th to 22nd, 2012 was held the first Tayrona Surfing National Championship.

The waves of Casa Grande beach were on full display, with the swell having arrived 2 days before the contest window.

Below are two short videos of the event, as well as the results.

Trailer del Primer Campeonato Nacional de Surf, Organizado por Club Tayrona Surf from Tayrona Surf 

Club on Vimeo.
Spot 2 Campeonato Nacional Tayrona Surf Club 2012 - 20-21-22 de Julio en Casa Grande from Tayrona Surf Club on Vimeo.


Open Category:

1st Place:       Marcos Vicioso            (Santa Marta)

2nd Place:      Campo Rincon             (Barraquilla)

3rd Place:      Filipok Ospina            (Cartagena)


1st Place:       Stephen Meyer            (Barraquilla)

2nd Place:      Nacho Uribe               (Medellin)

3rd Place:       Freddy Acosta             (Barraquilla)


1st Place:       Santiago Gil                (Sta. Marta)

2nd Place:      Issa Lamas                 (Barraquilla)

3rd Place:       Juan Carlos Pelaez    (Santa Marta)


1st Place:       Loreley Guetty             (Argentina)

2nd Place:      Diego Chaparro         (Bogotá)

3rd Place:       Jorge Estrada             (Santa Marta)

Women's Category:

1st Place:       Loreley Guetty           (Argentina)

2nd Place:      Alyssa                         (Australia)

3rd Place:       Abbey                          (Australia)

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