Thursday, September 27, 2012

Colombian Windsurfer Profile: Camilo Galeano

Camilo Galeano is a Colombian windsurfer from Cartagena, Colombia.
Most notably he has greatly promoted windsurfing in Colombia through Windsurfing into the Unknown film project which showcased different Colombian windsurfing spots.

Camilo, along with Phyl Soltysiak and Michael Rossmeier, sailed in Cartagena, Puerto Velero, Cabo de la Vela, and Islas del Rosario.

Here are some other statistics:

Sail Number: C64
Nationality: Colombia
Favorite Spots: Lobitos-Peru, Cartagena, Barranquilla, Cabo de La Vela
Weight: 64kg
Discipline: Freestyle, Wave
Favorite Move: Air Chacho
Sponsors: Starboard, Etniko Surf Shop

Studies: Bachelor's of Science in Information Technology, University of Miami
Goal:   Promote windsurfing in Colombia and increase my technical knowledge to share it around the country, so that one day a Colombian can become world chapion.


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