Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Isla Fuerte on the Caribbean Coast of Colombia Just Waiting to get Surfed

                                        Barranquilla surfer Roberto Marulanda at ColPipe wave

Isla Fuerte is a small green island about 10km off the coast of Colombia, which is a beach, scuba diving, snorkeling, bird watching and kayaking paradise.  

The fastest way to the island is to drive or fly to Monteria, and from there to make the 1 hours drive to the port of Paso Nueve, where one can take a boat ride (about 30 mins) to the island.

The island has the potential to become another up-and-coming surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing destination for Colombia.

Just witness the nice reef break off Isla Fuerte that is calling you to surf it, paddle-board (SUP) it, body-board it or even windsurf it.  

The island is perfectly positioned to receive swell from the Northwest or  North, and the reef is there to help form some nice waves.  

The best wave on the island and arguably the best on the Caribbean coast of Colombia is the aptly named ColPipe

Checkout this video  produced by ZOME films of a recent surf trip in 2015 with Barranquilla body boarders Stephen Meyer, Ruben Villegas and surfer Roberto Marulanda.

Surf Trip Isla Fuerte from Zome Films on Vimeo.

For those that want to make the trip to Isla Fuerte, here are some lodging options:
  1. Estado Natural Lodge  >>> International Press - National Geographic, Viva Travel Guides
  2. Isla Fuerte Ecolodge-Diving Center >>> Review - TripAdvisor
  3. Hotel Mar Abierto
  4. Hotel Marduk

Geographic Location of Isla Fuerte:

Location of ColPipe surfing wave:

Following Photos by Luis Chahin:

Isla Fuerte surfing, Colombia


  1. call me if you plan to go, so I can be your photographer

  2. Luis, thanks for your comment. I really like your design pictures on your website (not just the reef pictures). Keep up the good work.

    What month of the year did you take the reef pictures?

    Which lodge did you stay at?

    And have you seen anyone surfing at the break?

  3. I went on january, the lodge is www.hotelmarduk.com say you go refered by me so i can earn points hahaha tell when youre plan to go, and if i can ill go an take pictuires, a frined of mine went and surf, he said it has a kind reef, and was a good wave, but think until that was a virgin wave

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  5. pleaaase Take these off the internet!! you re going to ruin the spot as like any other spot exposed on the internet.

  6. If you go to Isla Fuerte you should go to Hostel La Playita. It's a new hostel, affordable rooms, good restaurant and great panoramic sea view with a sea front bar!