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Cabo de Vela - Windsurfing and Kitesurfing Paradise - WINDSURFING Colombia

**Phyl Soltysiak throwing a spock in Cabo de la Vela, Colombia***

Cabo de La Vela is a small fishing village on the most northeast tip or peninsula of Colombia.
The area is part of the Guajira desert.

Because of the desert climate, the Guajira area gets thermal winds all year-round, providing it with over 360 days of sailable wind. These are some of the same winds that hit Aruba, Curacao and Isla Margarita.

For this reason, the Guajira peninsula is probably the best place in Colombia to do windsurfing and kitesurfing.

Although the area is sparcely populated, there are some tourism companies that take wind-lovers to "rancherias" (guest houses or inns). There are even windsurfing camps for kids.

The guest houses are simple constructions with basic amenities, and hammocks being used as the preferred method of rest....although several do have beds.
In high season when Colombians are on vacation (December / Jan, Semana Santa, etc.) many tourists flock to the area, so reserve in advance with travel agents or operators in the area to guide you when choosing the inns.

For Lodging Options check out this very good website:
1) Posadas Turisticas de Colombia

Also, the guys at ColombiaKite can help you organize a kitesurfing lessons and kite expedition to Cabo de la Vela, and other parts of Colombia.

Check their website out here:
1) ColombiaKite

Check out this kitesurfing video of Alvaro Cadena, Rikki Ieccesse and Santiago Arevalo kitelooping in Cabo de la vela:

Kitesurf Cabo de la Vela
***If below video doesn't play here, then right-click with mouse and pick "Watch on YouTube***

Also check out the "Windsurfing into the Unknown" film, which has a section featuring windsurfing in Cabo de la Vela.

The video was produced by Colombian professional windsurfer Camilo Galeano and features Austrian professional windsurfer Michael Rossmeier and Canadian professional windsurfer Phil Soltysiak. You can view the film below, and also at the official official website:

For a windsurfing trip to Cabo de La Vela contact the guys at MOKANA VENTURA.
MOKANA VENTURA organize water sport adventure trips all over the Caribbean coast.
Check out their blog to see some videos of previous trips.


Windsurfing into the Unknown from camilo galeano on Vimeo.

Finally, here is JP Espinosa windsurfing in Cabo de la Vela:

Windsurf Cabo de la Vela


  1. Thank you for sharing these videos, i am quite impressed, you are doing great job, keep sharing interesting stuff.


  2. Hey!We'll be in Columbia in December - thinking about going to La Guajira to windsurf. We're semi-beginners, so we were wondering how is the wind for "us-like" - strong/offshore etc. How is with renting equipment - can you recomend any links.


  3. Anja, the wind in Cabo de la Vela can defenitely get strong, sometimes overpowered 4.2 sail size. However, it's not always like that, so don't let that stop you from going if you are semi-beginners. For the most part the wind is offshore, but you can stay close to the shore. I know that a company called Eoletto organizes trips. Check them out at Also you can check out these 2 links: and in Cartagena ---->