Saturday, June 27, 2009

Italian Salvo Basile becomes Colombian Citizen

Italian born but Colombian at heart, Salvo will soon debut his Colombian passport and citizenship.

Salvo travelled to Cartagena with Marlon Brando at the end of the sixties as part of the film crew for "Burn". He was amazed by the beauty of the colonial city, and after seven months of shooting, he fell in love with his wife Jacqueline Lemaitre (and mother of his children Alexandro and Gerónimo), and decided to stay.

He says, the news took him by surprise, although he knew that at some point it was going to happen….. "I am here, like rice with coconut."
When he first arrived to Colombia almost, he worked as the Director of Special effects for "Burn". One time he did too good of a job of making it appear that the Palace of Inquisition was burning down. "It was unforgetable because people were running around, and even the Fire Department made an appearance thinking it was a real fire."
The Colombian Foreign Ministry confirmed the news of his citizenship, to this lover of cinema, the good life and all the arts. "I consider myself an undocumented Colombian, this is the work of my friends who always told me I had to get it before I forgot to speak Italian", said Basile.
Salvo Basile waits in his colonial house located in the historic downtown in Calle de la Mantilla, to formalize his new nationality. What I like about my new status is that it will give me the opportunity to discuss many things and be part of the political process in Cartagena, so that I can work formy Cartagena compatriots, says the 69 year old.

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