Saturday, June 27, 2009

SURFING Colombia: Pro Surfers Enjoy Nuqui in Pacific Coast of Colombia


Professional surfers Kalle Carraza, Otto Flores, Magnum Martinez and Peter Mendia went surfing in Nuqui on the Colombian Pacific coast,with Transworld Surf photographer Seth Stafford there to document.

The surfers and photographer made the trip from the United States to Medellin, Colombia.
From Medellin, they took a airplane to the the small town of Nuqui in the pacific coast where they were met by their guide…. Memo Gomez….owner of "El Cantil" ecolodge.

Nuquí is located on the Gulf of Tribuga in the Colombian Pacific. It is a traditional village of the Choco region, with beautiful beaches surrounded by tropical jungles. Nuqui is a paradise for surfers, ornithologists, divers, fishermen, hikers, artists, poets, and anyone who loves nature.

Between July and November, humpback whales arrive in Chocó’s warm and tranquil waters to breed and give birth to their young.

From Nuqui airport, the surfers were transported to "El Cantil", which is an environmentally-friendly ecolodge with several wooden cabins set among the lush jungle, and in front
of a black sand beach.

The cabins don't have electricity, and there is only one outlet in the whole place that is runned by an generator powered by a nearby river stream. The electricity generator is only used from 6pm to 10pm, so Seth had to use this time wisely to charge up his camera and computer.

During the week, Memo took the surfers to some of Colombia's best breaks such as 'Pico de Loro' (Parrot's beak), "Pela Pela" and "Cabo Corrientes" (El Chorro), which are only reachable
by propeller boat, about 45 minutes from the Ecolodge.

  • "Pela Pela" (Peel Peel) is a powerful left very close to the shore which is very hollow.
    When the swell is big, take care of where you leave the boat. Very good for pics from the beach or boat.

  • "El Chorro" near Cabo Corrientes is a powerful right in a unique spot.

  • "Pico de Loro" is probably Colombia's most famous left.

Photos by Seth Stafford:

"El Chorro" surf break in Cabo Corrientes is a powerful right

Surfing at "Pico de Loro" break

Natural waterfall

At the cabin

The Pacific comes alive as a surfer watches on

Hanging out at "El Cantil" ecolodge

"El Chorro" in Cabo Corrientes

El "Chorro" is a nice right hander

Peter Mendia cutback at "El Chorro"

Group picture

Now, watch the videos of the trip: