Tuesday, June 30, 2009

SURFING Cartagena, Colombia

A nice wave in "Castillo" in Cartagena. Coverage in: Revista Don Juan

Believe it or not, Cartagena gets some really good surf. You initially wouldn't think so, since Cartagena is in the Caribbean, but as described in my posts on the Mar de Leva Effect, some nice waves do make it to the Colombian Caribbean coast in the winter months.

If you are interested in surfing in Cartagena and you do not have your surfboard, get in contact with the guys at the MOKANA Club. They do surfing lessons and rentals. In addition they also do lessons and rentals for windsurfing, StandUP Paddle surfing (SUP), and kayaking.

At MOKANA AVENTURA(part of Mokana Club) they also organize customized adventure travel to several key beaches, reefs, and islands.

For now, also check out this video put together by Cartagena surfers:

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